Saturday, April 13, 2013

Newest to eliminate cellulite

In the fight against cellulite always appears any new treatments to combat it. Today we present the system Vela Smooth.

Based on the technology called ELOS (Synergy Electro Optics) is a combination of three different types of energy that are specific for the treatment of cellulite:

     Conducted bipolar radiofrequency
     The infrared optical energy
     The vacuum suction

As we know there is no cure cellulite but this treatment promises skin smoothing and a reduction in volume.

Is a mechanical manipulation of the tissue is damaged by cellulite also conducting a heating of the fat.

With these two actions is what is achieved disappears called "orange peel", acting technique and warm with a gentle massage.

This treatment takes between 10 and 20 sessions of 40 minutes each, depending on the degree of cellulite, but from the fourth session may be some results.

This treatment is not indicated in cases of pregnancy, generalized infections, skin wounds, diabetes and for people who are under treatment with photosensitizing drugs.